David Tennant To Return To Doctor Who?

April 25, 2010 § 144 Comments

Thousands of angry fans of the BBC hit ‘Doctor Who‘, known for its incredible lifespan and quirky charm, may be ecstatic to hear the possibility of the return of David Tennant in the near future. Admirer’s of the Hamlet star was saddened and distraught to witness the parting of Tennant as the Doctor at the start of this year as he regenerated into Matt Smith after absorbing insane amounts of radiation from the ‘Immortality Gate.’

Rumours across the internet have surfaced since the start of Smith’s reign as The Doctor in regards to a plot line ending at the end of this series or possibly the next. Regular viewers of the show will have picked up on the ‘Cracks in the universe‘ to which many fans believe that later in the series, Billie Piper and Tennant will reprise their roles as ‘Rose Tyler‘ and ‘Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor‘ who was last seen in the episode ‘Journey’s End.’ It’s theorized that the cracks in the universe will allow a cross over between realities.

Also of interest is the concept of ‘TARDIS Coral‘ the substance which TARDIS‘ are in fact grown from (grown, not built.) In the DVD Box set, there was a scene at ‘Bad Wolf Bay‘ where The Doctor gives ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’ a piece of TARDIS coral which would take thousands of years to grow into a fully fledged working TARDIS. However, Donna, still influenced by the Meta-Crisis previously mentioned in the episode tells the ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’ and Rose that the growth of the TARDIS coral can be accelerated by suggesting “…if you shatterfry the plasmic shell and modify the dimensional stabiliser to a foldback harmonic of 36.3, you accelerate growth by the power of 59!” Whilst the scene was not aired as it would add complications to Rose’s departure, it’s very well in the realm of probability that the TARDIS coral could be written in to a future script.

One last possibility is that 2013 may hold a return of Tennant as the show celebrates its 50th Anniversary, making room for the possibility of a Doctor Who special.

Although whilst these are still rumours at this point, it is by no means impossible and given the reception of Tennant’s departure from fans, the BBC may well approach him to return. However given Matt Smith’s success as the Eleventh Doctor, some remain sceptical that Tennant will ever return.

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§ 144 Responses to David Tennant To Return To Doctor Who?

  • Clare Simmonds says:

    I do hope this is true, I haven’t watched Dr who since David Tennant left I really cant get my head around this new Dr. So fingers crossed he comes back.

    • David Acres says:

      I loved David Tennants Doctor since the start and was very worried about Matt Smith, but I am happy to say that he is brilliant and the last episodes of Matts first series are the best of all the new gen doctors.

      If you have not already watched this series you should.

    • Panny says:

      Agree!! Tennant still the best!! And the story of Rose and Tenth Doctor is amazing!! I hope can return both!! But Tennant is better like a Doctor and not like ‘Meta-Crisis Doctor’…..I hope in season 6!!! I’m sorry for Matt, but for me David is the only Doctor!!

    • Steve says:

      if you have not watched the new Doctor Who Matt Smith, how can you get your head around it. Duh..huh…….

    • alan says:

      If you only watched doctor who for david tennant then you are not a doctor who fan.Obviously you are just a david tennant fan girl and there are plenty of other places you can drool over him

      • Dude. I agree. We have to give Matt Smith a chanche, but he isn’t David Tennant. He try to be like Ten but probably he needs much more experience.

      • ButteryMuffyn says:

        A fan girl??? Too funny. Been watching all my life and now at the ripe old age of 45 I have resigned myself to watching pretty mediocre rubbish every week, courtesy of Matt Smith et al. David Tennant was definitely the stand out of the modern Doctors, and to watch a Matt Smith episode is almost an embarrassment. I’m sure Mr Smith is a perfectly good actor, but let’s face it, he had some big boots to fill. It takes a very definite personality to become the Doctor and not all have been terribly successful..Remember Sylvester McCoy? Peter Davidson? Although if you are using such phrases as “fan girl” I suspect you don’t :)

    • Cat says:

      You should watch Matt Smith, he is brilliant. He would have been considered one of the best doctors, except he had to follow up after David Tennant, and that’s impossible. Tennant is THE BEST DOCTOR EVER!!! I think that he should come back, and people who say that me wanting that is mean to Matt, it’s not!! I like Matt, but I LOVE David Tennant, and wish that he’d come back! It’s as simple as that.

  • Heather says:

    I would be a very happy woman were this to come true.

  • Cobalt says:


    You haven’t seen the eleventh and you don’t even give him a chance?


    • Joe says:

      Matt Smith was the most average Doctor ever and i would welcome the return of the best Doctor ever. Maybe he could come on and reveal that Matt Smith is an imposter and not teh real socter and shoot him in the head!!

      • Stirling says:

        I certainly hope he doesn’t shoot him in the head. While I have no problem with that the Doctor would so it would not fit. I would love to see Tennant come back or play the Meta in another series set in the alternat universe. Even movies would be cool.

      • space and paradox says:

        matt smith is good, just he had the unluckiness to end up after tennant.

      • danice says:

        i freakin agree!!! WE WANT TENNANT he s the best eva. come back tennant! matt smith is gay and an idiot. he should leave.

  • La Diva says:

    I first started watching Dr. Who on BBC America during Series 3 and have been a fan ever since, but this Matt Smith is hard for me to get used to; I’m trying to give him a fair shake, but IF David Tennant comes back I will welcome it!

    • Steve says:

      Oh boy.Since when have any Doctors returned to continue the role.. 1963-2011 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • Evander says:

        Oh boy. What happened when the writers ignored the demands of Doctor Who viewers before? Oh yeah, they cut the sieries for 20 years! And what did they do before casting a new doctor, in the new sieries? They picked a popular star for the role!

        So, if we are unhappy with the current doctor, or enough of us demand an old doctor, do you really believe that the writers will ignore us this time? FAT CHANCE! The Doctor CAN come back!

      • IdrisSkywalker says:

        Well…I assume you do mean return permanently to continue the role, because if you mean that no Doctor has returned to the role of the Doctor for a special, you’d be sadly mistaken. All clues point to Season 6 turning into a reprise of “The Three Doctors,” in which a character called Omega was the ultimate baddy, and the first, second, and third Doctors met at a single point in their timeline to defeat him. Notice the Omega signs on the uniforms of the soldiers during the episodes “Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone” and most recently, “A Good Man Goes to War.” Now that there have been three Doctors in the new series, it would be easy to redo “The Three Doctors.”

        If you already knew all this, I apologize for boring you. If not, I hope I informed you well enough.

        Personally, I think Matt Smith is the best Doctor there ever was. I love how he’s quirky, he’s different, he’s not afraid to be different, he laughs when he wants to laugh and gets angry, not sad, when his friends are threatened. He doesn’t cry or get emotional. He’s lighter and funnier, always joking even in the darkest of times. He’s brilliant and he knows it. He knows when to be silly and when to be serious, he makes fools out of his enemies, he essentially pulls childish pranks: ie, in this last episode, his “run away” comment. He was very distressed, very angry, very upset, and all together, absolutely infuriated, but he made a joke out of it. He’d be the perfect Jedi–he knows how to love without getting emotional. He knows when to save someone and when it’s best for THEM to let them go. He would never sacrifice Amy or Rory to save the world, but he’d save the world before saving them, because he understands balance. He knows he can save everyone and everything, because he’s confident and quirky and doesn’t really understand obstacles all the time, but he does have priorities–because he knows Amy and Rory would kill him if he hurt others to save them. He has a family. Amy, Rory, and now even Melody–they’re truly his family, and it’s the first family he’s had in a long while. Everything about the Eleventh Doctor, I love. I would be glad to see Tennant return, but to me, he could never compare to 11. 10 was to emotional. He loved without understanding balance, and when he lost Rose, he was horrible to Martha. Donna was his best friend and I believe like a sister to him, but when when she lost her memory, he lost the best part of him. That is my opinion, and I doubt it will change soon.

  • joe wilson says:

    As if they would bring the guy back when he just left. Leave it be and give Matt Smith a chance, for goodness sake he is great, I loved David Tennant too but for fucks sake it’s doctor who thats what makes it the best is that one guy goes and another comes. Fair enough he may be back in 2013 for the aniversarry but by then matt smith may want to leave and they are not going to bring back the old doc in the new ones last story let it go and move on

    • peter says:

      i atuly agree i think people should give matt a chans but theirs some thing missing with mofat and smith no emotion any more no mor good comanions imean amy and rory where good but no emotion i meen when cathrin tate playd dona it was briliant but doctor who needs emoition and tenant coming back would be the the biggest sucsess story in the history of man kind

  • Jazzalyn says:

    OMG! I hope it’s true. I actually thought about the cracks in the universe as well.

    • danice says:

      me 2 maybe if the timey wimey stuff got mixed up with the cracks and the void and meta crisis or wuteva tennant would come back permanantly as the doc it would be kinda great or maybe im just a dreamer

  • Kelly says:

    I really really hope this is true. I have been waiting hoping he would back. I have nothing agaist matt smith i just feel he is not the doctor. David had problem it just came so easy to him. I can wait!!!

  • david says:

    i really hope he comes back, i dont have anything against matt smith but david tennant was something special , the best doctor ever!!! fingers crossed for his return!

  • Stephen says:

    I would love this, i was literally choked up at the end of his reign as the doctor and i actually just recently watched it. As i like to have a huge backlog to watch so i’m now watching matt smith and, honestly, i’mnot impressed. He’s not terrible but hes not great either. Tennant was by far the best doctors i’ve seen.

    From everything i’ve seen and all the interviews i’ve read from Tennant tells me that it isnt going to happen, which makes me very sad, because i just can’t get behind Smith, i would absolutely watch more if Tennant returned, as unlikely as it is

  • Stephen says:

    Addendum, I really don’t like the new TARDIS (less than i like the new doctor) it has none of the old charm and rich colours. Its a mess, its cluttered and heavy and overwhelming and its like there is too much and not enough at the same time.

  • \Kimberly Schultz says:

    There has not been even 1 Dr. Who whom can come even close to the ultra talented David Tennant!! He is an extremeley gifted actor who can reprise any role he undertakes. Yes indeed, the producers, directors…. should give serious consideration to approaching David Tennant and attempt to persuade him to return to the series. As hard as Matt Smith tries, he has made the series too much of a comic book program than what this show was intended to be. Please bring David Tennant back, as this current one is losing many, many viewers!!! Thank You, KC

  • Michelle says:

    I sincerely doubt David would come back as a permanent character (especially since he’s human), but I think it would be great it he came back as the meta doctor for a few episodes. It would be fun to watch him and Matt Smith interact.

    I was also concerned I wouldn’t like the new doctor–I oh so loved David Tenant–but I think Matt Smith has been a wonderful doctor. I think that this season, as a whole, was the best season of Doctor Who so far. And I did really like the old seasons.

    I know change can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be bad.

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      Change doesn’t have to be bad, but this time it IS bad. Not only is David Tennant a hard act to follow, but the new act is both written and played to a less than acceptable quality. It’s like taking away a Ferrari, replacing it with a broken bisycle, then telling us “you’ll get used to it”, and then “you’ll like it”. Bring back the ferrari! Or at the very least, replace it with a functional car.

  • Leslie says:

    I do hope David returns, this Matt Smith leaves me cold and watching reruns of DT’s days as The Doctor. I don’t hate him in the roll, he just doesn’t pull me in the way DT did. Matt Smith just doesn’t connect to the viewers the way DT can. While I understand he wouldn’t want to stay around for series after series (although REX is not your Lawyer never even aired) I hope he does consider coming back to reprise his roll for a few episodes a season. I miss seeing his face every week..

  • Michelle Gouin says:

    I would be so happy if David ever returned to “Who”! He is my favourite Doctor. I really like, and would even call myself a fan of some of the others as well, but Matt Smith seems really wrong to me. He falls flat for me emotionally, and I even find him to be overall irritating. I felt so sad and upset when Ten regenerated- I know I will be feeling nothing when Smith goes- hopefully sooner rather than later. I hope that Tennant will do something really special in a few years for the big 50 aniiversary- some kind of special I would warmly welcome, even if it does involve Matt Smith as well. Just keep him to a minimum, and no “geronimos”, please.

  • Candy says:

    OMG!!! PLEASE LET DAVID TENNANT AND BILLIE PIPER RETURN! i love them =[ and i don’t like matt smith as the doctor >=/ please think about letting them come back BBC! =D

  • Ben says:

    This rumour is nothing more than wishful thinking. Tennant might come back for the 50th anniversary, but not sooner.

    And Smith isn’t that bad… The reason the last series wasn’t as popular was mostly the writing, I think. They are running out of ideas.

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      Ben: You are right that the writing was sub par, by a long shot, but it isn’t the writing alone. I think that if russle t davies were to make a come back, he could fix a lot of the faults in the show, and maybe save the doctor…who would not really be the same character, but close enough that I could chalk it down to “he learned his lesson and revised his attitude”. He is after all, a very smart alien.

      Re: they are running out of ideas.
      You are talking about a psyfy show. Even in shows were the rules had to stick with reality, a show can go on for a decade without having to repeat itself to many times. The new doctor who is NOT limited to reality, or anything close to it. Aything can happen. Anything can change. So in the new doctor who, it’s way to soon to just say “all out of ideas” and just give up. Besides, it’s better to go out on a high note, than ruin the reputation of the show.

  • Brandt says:

    I need me my Doctor Tennant! Bring back russel davies while you at it!

    • Cat says:

      I LOVED HOW RUSSEL T. DAVIES WROTE!!!! His way of writing wasn’t confusing, was very inventive and had lots of emotional scenes for the doctor, not just action. HE WAS BY FAR THE BETTER WRITER AND TENNANT WAS BY FAR THE BETTER DOCTOR!!!!! BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Issa says:

    The eleventh Doctors should be the best, but is not. I gave him a fair chance but his role disappointed me. He is more a Zohan than the Doctor. I can’t feel passion or intelligence coming from this role… Seems to be just a lucky doctor…! Sorry! I want Tennant back.

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      Yes, thank you! I keep thinking he’s unacceptably rude, he doesn’t seem to learn or grow or even really care about anything, and he keeps going off with huge bursts of bravado that he hasn’t even earned yet! It’s like the whole season is nothing but showing off, with a little bit of psyfy thrown in. There’s no depth, no real developement, and hardly any plot worth speaking of.

      The writer and the 11th doctor are riding on the coat-tails of their predesessors, and expecting success. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a fail.

      • IdrisSkywalker says:

        I really can’t understand you people who says the writing was bad in this season and the last season. I don’t really think you understand the complexity of story arcs and tying in small details to a bigger plot. Anyone can write simple, unrelated adventures, but to tie those adventures together into a large serial–well, as a writer, I understand how difficult this is. Stephan Moffat is my hero and my role model. I would be lucky to learn to write half as good as him. Writing isn’t just about finding the right words–that’s a big part of writing, but there’s so much more to it. It’s about creating a world, and knowing your characters, and seeing what’s going to happen before it does. It’s about throwing in the twist just when everyone thinks they have it all figured out. I would never be able to think up such intricate plot developments such as the Gangers, the “Eye-patch Lady,” Amy’s pregnancy, the Silence, River Song, and cracks in the skin of the universe–and then, tie them all together, push them into place perfectly like pieces of the most beautiful and complicated puzzle. Moffat is a genius. He found the right words, he found the humor, and the drama, and the fear, and most importantly, the found the plot–make that plots–and he fit them all together. You try that.

  • Nathan says:

    I have a theory, where the Doctor (Matt Smith) goes back to the parallel world and meets the half human doctor (David Tennant) during which something ‘bad’ happens which forces the Doctor (Matt Smith) to regenerate. The half human doctor (Tennant) is present and bcoz they are ‘sort of’ one of the same they link during the regeneration and the new regenerated doctor looks like David tennant. Reason being that when he linked with the half human dr. His template was used. Explaining why Prof. River Song thought his eyes we’re younger when the doctor first met her as Tennant. Because the dr doesn’t age but the half human dr does so when he took the half human template he took his age also.

  • Κωνσταντίνος says:

    Well, I couldn’t possibly agree more with the most of you. I miss Tennant. I don’t want to say that Smith is bad. I like him! But Tennant was simply the best at least for me. If they want him to return, it’s easy. They could justify it saying that his personality (10th doctor) was so strong, it actually survived waiting to emerge. Or something like that…I’m not a writer…

  • aragorn says:

    oh my god the new guy is awful he seems like a drugged out kid who cant even tie his own shoes letting David go was the worst this they could have done.i have watched the new series including the Christmas special and it didn’t even come close to David Tennant or even Davids predecessor.i hope and prey that this kid gets better but i seriously doubt it

    • Stirling says:

      yea Eccleston was great not as good as Tennant but right up there. This new guy so far seems to the worst of new and old doctors. If the some how convince DT to come back I like some of the above ideas or they could always make the 50th special have them do something where the current doctor sacrifices his existence to save the universe and makes it so the regeneration never took place.

  • Jessy says:

    Matt Smith successful? Nuhuh, not with me Earthboy.
    Bring back David Tennant WITH Billie Piper(one obviously can’t be w/o the other). Come on, this Meta-Crisis thing makes it so easyy.
    Allons-y BBC, and burn all bowties!!

    (Actually I don’t have a problem with him, he’s just not THE Doctor);D

  • richard says:

    lets give smith a chance… it took david tennant almost all of season 2 to become the best doctor ever, and even though i wasn’t sure of matt smith or the new tardis interior at first, they’ve grown on me… hopefully smith will hit the ground running this up and coming season

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      Do let me know, because I won’t be watching it.

      Tennant may have taken a season or two to become the BEST doctor, but I sertainly didn’t have to force myself to sit through the whole season before he became a tollerable doctor. Matt is either a rediculously slow learner, or his annoying personality is here to stay.

      BTW I warmed up to the 9th doctor after just a few episodes, and to tennant after only one or two. Why should I feel it’s my responsibility to sit through not just one whole season, but a second season of painfully bad matt smith just to try to find him tollerable? It’s not the viewers job bo try to like a character, it’s the writers and actors job to make him lovable.

      (I don’t want to blame it all on matt though. I hate amy pond too, and the new writer is very bad, especially after russle t davies.)

    • Cat says:

      I thought that David Tennant was the best doctor I’d seen after the first 5 minutes of him. The same sadly can’t be said for Matt Smith or Chris Eccleson.

  • JLS says:

    I am with many of those hoping for a return of Tennant – probably won’t ever happen but I can hope. (and I have watched all of Eccleston through Smith to date)…Smith might be good if he had the writing but he is being made inept for the Doctor … intelligence but no character … an alien alien who doesn’t fit into this skin…
    The question I must ask, is Moffat sacrificing character driven stories for effects?
    How many fans are claiming a love of #11 because of those glorious effects?

    Or is Moffat just not able to draw the character Davies could draw….or for that matter, elicit the depth from Smith? Or is it that Smith doesn’t have the depth and range of either Eccleston or Tennant?
    What I see of #11, there isn’t character with effects promoting him but a character promoting the effects.
    Tennant could play in a void (and has in some scenes) and still spin the Doctor completely, fully and brilliantly…Smith, not so much but I don’t necessarily think it is all Smith…
    The TARDIS – Too has too many silly effects…cluttered and garish.
    The simple brillance of the old TARDIS outweighs the new one that now looks like it is run off of a disorganized desk with bits and pieces of junk jury rigged together…Too glaring and not the protective and maternal womblike place as was the old TARDIS
    I will continue to watch, though once I see an episode, I don’t have that desire to see it again this time…
    The 10th, I can watch every one of them a dozen times over and still pick up new information, nuances and inferences (Mr Copper comes up quite often since he plopped down with a million pounds on his card.)

  • Lilly says:

    OMG!!! IF DAVID TENNANT COMES BACK I WILL BE SO ECSTATIC! David was (and still is) the BEST Doctor and I miss him on the show just TERRIBLY! Matt Smith is okay, but David, wow, just David. It’s hard to follow being The Doctor after David. I was talking with my sisters the other day while watching David’s episodes (With Donna of course, I LOVED DONNA! When she left the show I was near tears, and THAT’S saying something because I don’t cry) and I said-

    “I wish that when Matt regenerates that he would turn back into David somehow. And I wish that Donna would somehow be brought back into the show! David and Donna’s relationship was more of a ‘brother sister’ kind-of thing. With Rose and Martha it was a crush.”
    That was followed up by this-
    “I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2013, I’LL DIE OF THE WAIT FOR DAVID! AND IF HE DOESN’T COME BACK I’LL DIE (not literally, just in my mind and my dreams, yes I have dreams of Doctor Who, I mean after watching it, how can’t you? It’s an amazing show)! I’m not getting any younger.”
    So David, if by the remote slight chance you read this, or the writers/producers/directors of Doctor Who read this, I hope you come back! Me and many other fans are waiting eagerly for your return! (BTW, the last episode David was in made me cry. “I don’t want to go!” When he said that I was on my knees by the Tele crying “NO! Don’t go David! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO!” I felt quite pathetic after doing so, but it was so well written and acted out, I loved it with all my heart. Well, I loved and hated it because he died, but it was so well written. Hope you do return :)

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      I agree! That sceen is so sad, I’m tearing up just remembering it! It’s like a brilliant child dying! He really is a great actor isn’t he? I’d only ever seen him once before that, in harry potter, and I hated the guy. He was creepy. I didn’t realise he had so much range before someone pointed out his other work. I guess his role of doctor fit so well, I just assumed it was his natural skin. Why WOULD he be good at anything else? Except now I can’t watch his other work without thinking of the doctor, and how sad it is that he’s doing anything else but the doctor. It kind of ruins his other characters, and what ever movie/ tv program he happens to be playing. I always find myself comparing them to his major role.

  • A Wisher says:

    OH DAVID PLEASE COME BACK! Matt Smith just doesn’t seem to spark my interest. I’ve watched every single episode he’s done, but nothing. I try to get interested, but it just doesn’t happen. I wish for Russel T. Davies (Sorry if I just butchered his name spelling wise) would come back too. His episode ideas were great! (And so are some of the new ones)
    I wish with every fiber of my being (pathetic I know) that David would come back and, well, just be the awesome Doctor I’ve come to know and love!
    I must also agree that the TARDIS (love the TARDIS, love it a lot) is rather… strange looking on the inside. I LOVED David’s TARDIS and I thought it was funny how it flew him more than he flew it.
    Sure Matt has a good episode now and then, but Amy (Sorry Amy and Amy fans) really irks me. She’s so I don’t know how to describe it, just annoys me. I like the woman that plays her, just Amy’s character personality annoys me. I wished she stayed with Van Goph.
    I don’t mean to offend anyone in the previous writings, I’m just stating my honest to goodness opinion.

    ~Wishing for David to some back~ ;)

    • peter says:


  • DAVID COME BACK! says:

    Oh my gosh… I read this article and it’s really bringing my hopes up! Every time I see a shooting star I wish for David to return to the show. Well most the times, others I wish for my own TARDIS, or superpowers, or the show to be real. :D
    I would die of excitement if he came back, but regenerate to watch the episodes ;)
    And then after all these exciting thoughts of his return, I read the last part of the article. That really crushed me. It felt as if I was David Doctor regenerating and not wanting to go. I mean after a great experience on a show like Doctor Who, why would you WANT to leave?
    I know he felt like he was overstaying his welcome, but with thousands of adoring fans they’d agree he wasn’t overstaying. I sit with the many, many people that await the return of David, including all my family, my friends and loads of people. I shall await for the breaking news of his return after being broken over his departure.

    One last thing- COME BACK DAVID, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE (and an infinity of pleases and dreams couldn’t express how much I wish you return. I sound like a creeper writing this… :(

  • Random says:

    ALLONS-Y DAVID! I hope he does come back… possibly for the 12th Doctor?? Maybe?? Or before then??
    “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” Is what my family will be saying when 2013 comes and goes and this doesn’t come true.
    “You have a choice. I can find you a new planet.” “And if we stay?”
    “You’ll be sorry.” …….. I don’t know, I guess I just like that part. (Yeah, I know that’s not the exact line, but I thought it was… somewhat close.)
    “Tell all your friends that this planet is DEFENDED!” I just watched that episode earlier so it’s running though my head. :)


  • Siena says:

    O how I wish Donna didn’t get married. And that she got 2 hearts instead of the Doctors mind.
    If I could ask David Tennant one question it’d be-
    “Do you regret and or miss being/leaving on Doctor Who?” either that or
    “Will you come back? Oh please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!”
    But the second sounds a little desperate.

  • lara says:

    Bring back david, no offense matt, but david WAS dr who
    ps will watch when davids back

  • Kim says:

    I love the new doctor. I, like most of you out there wasn’t happy with losing David but after watching a couple of episodes with Matt Smith… I’m thrilled with the new doctor. He’s a very good Dr. Who.

  • Grapplegun says:

    You have to remember David Tennant wanted to leave Dr Who! Moffet gave him the choice to stay, but he decided to move on and good on him for doing so. He is in a position to do any projects he wants to.

    Tennant is a great Actor and a pleasure to watch, however I think that Matt Smith is simply Awesome! He is far more like the Doctor’s I remember from the 60′s and 70′s.

    But lets face it, whenever the Dr Regenerates people moan about it. It happened When Tom Baker took over from Jon Pertwee and he turned out to be the greatest Doctor of all time!

    Best of luck Matt Smith long may you reign!!!

    • Youll_ne er_guess says:

      re whenever the Dr Regenerates people moan about it:

      That comment is only meant to dismiss our feelings. Sure a handful of people complain about a change of doctors, but unless they complain about every change of doctors, our complaints are entirly valid.

      Yes tennant wanted to leave, because he wanted to do other things. We’ll he’s doing them. Maybe he’ll want something familiar and fun again soon. You can’t play that kind of character so perfectly as he did without genuinly loving it, even if you happen to be a brilliant actor. Doctor who is a part of his life; that doesn’t just go away.

      • Youll_never_guess says:

        **unless they PERSONALLY complain about every single change of doctors, a persons complaint about an individual doctor is entirly valid. Those of us here are probably NOT upset about all of the doctors, so it’s really not fair to just dismiss us.**

    • Youll_never_guess says:

      Our oppinions are as valuble as yours or anywone else’s. You can’t just dismiss us because a few groups of people in the 70s and 80s had oppinions too.

      • Youll_never_guess says:

        And yes he wanted to leave to do other things. He’s doing them. Maybe next he’ll want to come back. After all, you don’t have that kind of experience with a show, and play a character that well, if you weren’t enjoying both. (Even if you happen to be a tallented actor.)

  • Stephen says:

    As someone who has been a fan of Doctor Who since the 1960s, I realize that there is something to appreciate in the performance of each actor who has portrayed him. Each has added to, and helped to elaborate the mythos of, the Who Universe. since anything is possible, and most things are probable when the Causal Nexus unravels, I would like to see a special which incorporates all of the surviving Doctors. :-)

  • Ana says:

    tottaly tru no can beat David Tennat. He is the only doctor that suites the position. I totally hope h come back. I miss him and matt does a good job but I still enjoy David

  • neil says:

    yes tennant should come back permanently i have stopped watching i tried to give them a chance but matt smiths doctor i cannot get used to and karen gillian just wants to flash her legs and act like a tart if she wants to do that ok but in dirty movies where it belongs not doctor who

  • Alison says:

    I have watched Dr who since I was a toddler. So pretty much from the late 60′s on wards. I adored Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker as the Doctor. David Tennant though just for me rang rings around most of the people who have played the Doctor other than the two I just mentioned. When David left I was devastated but determined to give Matt Smith a fair go as I was used to the Doctor regenerating. However he leaves me absolutely cold. There is nothing about him that I find redeeming at all. It would be terrific to see all surviving Doctors brought back for a special. However if there was a way to bring back David as the Doctor then that would be ideal for me. Either that or sorry get rid of Matt Smith & re cast the role, Chris Eccleston was brilliant when they reinvented Dr Who so it is not simply a case of being a David Tennant only fan. It is simply a case of Matt Smith just not being cut out for the role in my opinion

  • superhamzah says:

    David Tennants’ acting in the role was simply astounding. He brought the character to life in such a deep way.

    Matt Smith is a good doctor, entertaining and ticks all the boxes.

    The problem is, David Tennant is now viewed as a benchmark, and my goodness, what a daunting thing it is to take the role on right after him.

    It would be IMPOSSIBLE to replace David and have an instant liking to a new actr above or at the same level as Tennant. His legacy isn’t shallow that it could be rivalled or surpassed in a few episodes, it will take a great talent 3-4 seasons to even have a chance.

  • Evander says:

    I dislike Matt Smith as the Doctor. Part of it may not be his fault; I dislike the personality this regeneration of the Doctor has been given. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, but I had to force myself to sit and watch some of the Matt Smith/ Doctor Who episodes, just hoping that they would get better. They did get a bit better, by the end of this last series, but he’s still not particularly enjoyable. David Tenant was the BEST Doctor of any series I have seen. I would be very pleased to see him back! He always had me glued to my seat, squirming with excitement, and charmed by his fantastic personality!

  • john says:

    the doctor keeps saying that time can be rewritten. what if he stops himself from regenerating?

    • Grace says:

      He cant go back on his own time-line

      • matthewceo says:

        That being said. Doctor Who has frequently featured paradoxical storylines, and the Doctor himself only recently realised that time can be rewritten.
        Who’s to say that he can’t go back on his own time-line?

      • Grace says:

        I think the doctor is too much of a ‘big event’ in history, and if he ever did go back on his own time-line he may end up causing the end of the universe. This is the doctor we are talking about, Moffat is not going to portray him as the man who destroyed the universe for selfish means. Yes time can be re-written, if a person travels back in time and then dies for example. This is not any person dying though, this is the doctors regeneration… Rose went back in time and changed the fate of her father, with terrible consequences because he was a fixed event in time. Maybe if the doctors regeneration isn’t it is possible, but like i said its unlikely something as big as that is not going to be a fixed point. He has always known that time can be re-written, he only recently discovered that time could be unwritten. So yeah maybe if it is unwritten back to the point where he regenrated David Tennant could come back fully as the doctor but he left, he didn’t get asked or told to leave the show. it was entirely his choice

  • Tiberius Ward says:

    Move on!!!

    Every Doctor is great – stop comparing.

    • Cat says:

      You have to accept that not every doctor is great. And we can’t help comparing, because David Tennant was a god, and Matt Smith is human. Sorry. I like Matt, and Chris, and the others, but David Tennant surpasses them all.

  • SailorNova says:

    “I’m about to lose my mind, you’ve been gone for so long, I’m running out of time. I need a Doctor, call me a Doctor, I need a Doctor, Doctor, to bring me back to life…”
    I had an idea that they could use to bring back 10, 11 could contract a rare disease that only TimeLords get and at first they get forgetful, then they
    DE-Generate back into their previous regeneration, finally forgetting everything and everyone from the old regeneration. Meaning 10 would be back, not remembering Amy, Rory or anything that happened during his time with them! Now 11 fans don’t get angry because he will someday have to Re-generate into
    11 again! Everyone wins and it would be interesting!
    I have’nt watched season 5 yet but will have to since I was gifted it at Christmas! I did watch the Christmas special and it was good. I was on the edge of my seat, squirming, jumping and cursing Moffat! How he knew that great white sharks were something I was very fearful of!! Flying GW shark!! Perhaps scarier than stone Angels?! Also, I would love to see human 10 and Rose! I bet they got married and had a child! Please feel free to use my idea Steve, just remember I owe you a kick in the shins for the shark!

  • Lykos says:

    It would be great if Tennant returned to the series, but Eccleston is good enough too. After a season with Smith, who is in fact a god actor, I don’t buy him as the brilliant Doctor who is nine hundred something years old. Good thing is, it won’t be that hard to get used to the next doctor.

  • Natalie says:

    David Tennant fan forever!

    I’ll give Matt a honest to goodness chance, but I don’t expect half the thrill, emotion, or awesomeness as what David gave. I was in true sadness, and crying like crazy when Rose left.(The first time)

    10 and Rose will always be the best charactors they will ever have!

    I’m sure Matt is a great actor, but David will always, always be The Doctor.
    No offence to anyone. I’m simply a fan of the real Doctor. ♥

  • Youll_never_guess says:

    Our oppinions are as valuble as yours.

  • Talex says:

    I think the main issue lies with the fact that Moffat truly wrote his scripts with Tennant in mind where as the BRILLANT Davies wrote his scripts for the Doctor Who character, not the actor. I too miss Tennant and was ticked off that he left on a high note. Actors are so worried about being stereo-typed that they let go of a good thing too soon. One thing is for sure… if Tennant does not come back…plz beg Davies to come back and write again!!! A Die-hard fan of Doctor Who.

  • charis says:

    well, if you look at the newest trailer for season 6 of Doctor Who, pause the trailer at 37 or 38 seconds and i think David is in the corner!! I think another time crash is going to happen!!!!!!!

  • Dr Mom says:

    Wodercon 2011 Dr Who Q&A with Neil Gaiman and Toby Haynes. Hints of possible David return……..

  • Alba says:

    Isn’t funny how most of the comments on this forum seem to come from teenage girls.

    • Joe burrows says:

      Its mostly them who are Tennant fans.

      Ok everyone, I’d just like to announce something…

      David Tennant was sometimes a tiny winy bit too human as the doctor in his run.

      The fact that Rose made him human was just too easy. Lets face it, Rose was a bit stuck up, even Billie Piper admitted it in an interview. If say it was the 7th doctor that had Rose as a companion, he would have probaly had her disciplined, or even not take her aboard the TARDIS.

      Matt Smith and Steven Moffat have now made the show more orientated to the classic series. Whether you like it or not, Smith doesn’t play an over the top, smug, emotional somebody who happens to have a time machine. He plays a 900 year old alian, a timelord. I won’t blame it all on Tennant, RTD got carried away with stories he wrote (have you seen The Stolen Earth/Journeys End, the daleks were beaten so easily) and made 10 too human in my view.

      A great story of Tennants run though is Waters of Mars, which is one of my favorites.

      • Evander says:

        Hm. Tennant’s character respected women, and is more popular among women…Smith’s charactor is less respectful of women, and less popular among women. It doesn’t take a genious to see the pattern here.

        Besides, the doctor is completly full of himself. He’s always complimenting himself. (Wich I love.) If he “disciplined” Rose for doing same, then he’d be VERY hippocritical, and VERY unpopular with female fans. (And with me, for that matter.)

        Get off the “it’s just women’s oppinions” platform. They now make up more than half the viewers of television, so their oppinions count at least as much as ours do.

        And don’t forget: The old show was canceled. Doing the same thing over again won’t yield better results. It will just insult more than half the fan base.

      • IdrisSkywalker says:

        I agree. 11 is just so ALIEN, where 10 was far to HUMAN. One of the many things I love about 11. He’s different. I can relate.

  • Deanna says:

    I am a huge fan of David Tennant, infact I never watched sci-fi until I saw him, so please please bring him back. He is the only one who could ever get me up in a TARDIS, and I have never flown. I adore him, and Billie Piper, they are hot together. I write you all the way from Canada….Deanna

  • fodam says:

    This new doctor is sucks…I want David Tennant back!

    • Kerrie Rose says:

      No thanks. The new Doctor ROCKS. I don’t want Tennant back! He’s boring, over the top, far too emotional and soo rubbish compared to Matt. Now David isn’t the worst Doctor, just second to worst :)

      Colin was the worst…too loud!! But he only just beats Colin in my books. David should think himself lucky. And if he comes back…OK fair enough, whatever. But he certainly won’t be staying and everyone should just get over him!! He’s the past and he sucks! Matts the present and future and ROCKS!!!! xx

      • Cat says:

        Boring? How the H*** could you call David Tennant boring? Over the top is the doctor, so sorry if Tennant was acting the part perfectly. And you could actually feel character coming from Tennant, whereas there’s nothing coming from Smith. And I think that he’s in the perfect position to come back. He’s got an aging, half-human self in a parallel universe. He’s what made the new series soooooo sucessful, because Chris Eccelson was good, but he can’t hold a candle to Tennant. David Tennant was sooooooooo good, I thought the doctor was his natural skin.


    I was very shocked when Christopher regenerated, but not that sad. I didn’t have that much time to adore him.
    On David’s first episode, I was hooked. I fell in love with him being the 10th Doctor.
    I’ve watched some of Matt’s and I’m really not impressed. It’s not anything like David’s, where you’re glued to your seat, nervously eating your popcorn and haven’t blinked in 10 minutes.

    Matt made me laugh. No, more like giggle.
    David made me laugh out loud, and kept smiling for 20 minutes.

    I’m sure Matt is a wonderful actor, just not The Doctor. I agree SO much with SailorNova.
    Perfect idea!

    David, if you’re reading this, COME BACK!

    • mainstreetsaint says:

      Odd because I love both Tennant and Smith equally. Tennant was great and wish that they would have had a better writer for the guy; End of Time parts 1 and 2 was just not that great.

  • vikko says:

    i really hope this is true that david tenant is to come bk as the doctor.
    as if this is true ill be over the moon, as i think he is the best doctor.
    he plays the doctor so well, so i really hope he is to return as doctor who.the rateing will go threw the roof if tenant was to return,
    well fingers crossed as i dont think matt smith plays a good part as the doctor im sorry i think tenant was the best and will stay the best doctor ever.

  • The TARDIS Rocks! says:

    At first, in season 5, I didn’t really like Matt Smith. But now, season 6, it’s like BAM! He has finally claimed himself as the 11th Doctor. Season 6 kicked off with a bang! I love “The Doctor’s Wife” episode! TARDIS ROCKS!

  • A Doctor Who fan says:

    Certain people should get a sense of perspective – Doctor Who started in 1963 and it’s always evolved, hence the many actors playing the title role. Matt Smith’s doing a perfectly good job, so if you want to see David Tennant as Doctor Who buy the DVDs or watch the repeats. There have been eleven actors to play the Doctor, and David Tennant hasn’t made my top five – or even my top TEN.

  • Emma says:

    I prefer Matt Smith. With him you can really tell if things are serious are not. He’s brilliant, and funny. I would never go back to David Tennant if I had the chance. And people who say David Tennant is ‘the real doctor’ You’re all wrong. All 11 doctors are the REAL doctor. They’re just in different forms. I loved David Tennant, but times have moved on, Matt Smith is the Doctor and he’s doing a Damn good job.

  • Joe says:

    Ok everyone I have something to announce…

    David Tennant was a tiny winy bit too human as the doctor.

    Smith plays a 900 year old alian, a timelord. Tennant, was a bit smug, over the top, emotional and kept on reflecting on the time war. Smith: “Yeah it was a bad day, alot of people died”. As causally as that. Smith is brilliant as the 11th doctor and prefer Smith to Tennant any day.

  • Grace says:

    Personally, I love both doctors. Well I love all the doctors because I love ‘The Doctor’. However I completely agree people haven’t given Matt Smith a real chance and actually he has done amazingly despite criticism and the fact he had such a hard act to follow. i think he is a brilliant a actor and doesn’t get half the credit he deserves, yes Tennant was very popular but being so close-minded about Smith isn’t fair. However with that said Tennant/Piper combination will always reign my favorite but Matt Smith recently has been doing extremely well especially in the latest two episodes ‘the rebel flesh’ & ‘The Almost People’ and who knows maybe Smith may soon become my favorite. I can’t wait for the season finale, I do love Tennant as the doctor it will be an enjoyable watch and i think the ratings with rocket.

    • Grace says:

      Also, I think bringing Tennant back permenantly may be a bad idea. He is of course my favorite Doctor but things just will get repetitive they need to move on now i think

  • Scott says:

    Emma, I agree that Smith is doing superbly. I loved Tennant in the role, and now also love Smith. The Doctor’s Wife was the best nu who episode IMO, and it didn’t get that way because Smith sucks and isn’t doctor material.

    I’m glad that the show has moved on, especially away from Davies. Credit where credit is due, he resurrected the show wonderfully and was responsible for some truly amazing episodes. He also penned his fair share of abysmal clunkers, and created some of the most painfully silly enemies in the series. Walking fat, farting aliens in fat human suits, a cheesy, hammy, and over the top master, the same cheesy master with super powers. Riveting stuff!

    Moffat’s episodes for Eccleston and Tennant were consistently outstanding. He gave us one disappointing episode for season 5, The Beast Below, and even that was far from the worst of Who. The Angels two-parter was great, and the season 5 finale was absolutely fantastic. Same for the season 6 opener. He’s also the mind behind some of the coolest and creepiest NEW nu who enemies – the gas-mask zombies, the weeping angels, the silents and the vashta nerada.

  • Kerrie Rose says:

    Sorry if this upsets anyone but I hate Rose Tyler, she got on my nerves and nearly everyone I know too, so it’s not just me. When she left and Martha and Dona and all the other companions came I thought: “Thank god, time for a change” But the next thing you know, she’s back again!!! And kept coming back!! After a while Davids Doctor became WAY TOO EMOTIONAL for the character and ended up falling in love with Rose. WHAT THE HELL MAN!! YOUR AN ALIEN!! YOU USE TO ALWAYS KEEP AWAY FROM YOUR COMPANIONS IN THAT WAY AND KEPT THEM AS FRIENDS!! YOUR NOT A PERVERT YOU KNOW!!

    In the end, David became boring, and as every episode went by, I found myself sitting there, yawning, half asleep, waiting for him to regenerate.

    And then the moment finally arrived, the moment I and my family had all been waiting for, he’s regeneration.

    Wait, hold it….. the regeneration lasted like 2 hours!! Well thats what it felt like, visiting all he’s old companions and then crying over regenerating. “I don’t wanna go” well boo hoo!!!!! None of the other Doctor threw a hissy fit so whats your problem.

    The moment Matt came onto screen I thought, yeah this is it, a new start.
    And since the new series with Matt Smith has started, I’ve never loved Doctor Who so much in my life. There hasn’t been one single episode that I’ve hated.

    With David there was the idiots lantern fear her love and monsters and the list goes on. But Matt here, nope, not one episode can I honestly say have I not enjoyed. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! CANT WAIT TILL TONIGHTS EPISODE!! OMG IT LOOKS EPIC!!!!


  • Daniel says:

    Matt smith is said to only be doing 16 more episodes. i think matt is brillent but david tennant was the best so i hope he comes back!!

  • Kyra says:

    That just scratches the surface ^^^
    But honestly, I think the emotional aspect of David was brilliant; and Matt’s goofiness just seems immature.
    And to get a new Doctor, new companion, a “new” Tardis, and a new writer all at once is too much. I CANNOT WAIT FOR 2013, if David doesn’t come back I’ll probably kill myself.

  • alan says:

    Why is it that at least 9 times out of 10 the comments `bring David Tennant` back comes from the ladies?
    I`ll tell you why.
    Because the majority of these so called Doctor Who fans are nothing more than David Tennant fan girls wanting their piece of eye candy back.If you ONLY watched Doctor Who for David Tennant then you are NOT a Doctor Who fan.There are plenty of other places you can drool over him.Kindly stop moaning and get used to it.HE`s NOT COMING BACK!!!

  • Erick says:

    Matt Smith is good, however he was very unlucky to come on after David Tennant. And I am giving Matt a chance, however in North America there is a large reception for David.

  • Daniella says:

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan and have wondered why Matt Smith also known as The 11th Doctor got the role of the Timelord, i have to admit he is a good actor but doesn’t exactly fit the part and i know alot of people who are fans of Doctor Who but ever since Matt Smith took over, they all say ‘I’m not very keen of the new actor or the episodes as they are not related to all the main monsters/aliens such as the Daleks and Cybermen, and really that is what made the programme so efficiant and popular. But since Matt Smith appeared it has been a more uninvited programme and not many people are fond of both the actor and the script!, the directors should really think through what ideas they should put foward and bring back the good old scripts which everyone was interested in, then they would get so many more viewers and a better reaction from both the public and the Doctor Who Crew.I personally think that David Tennant should return as there can be a possible storyline to put him back into the role as he Doctor and he made the role a much enjoyable and unpredictable series.

  • Aina says:


    • David Tennant is the best Doctor don’t get me wrong but Matt Smith is a grate Doctor!! I don’t see why people dont like him he’s grate!!!! It’s not his fault he replaced David Tennant!

    • Kerrie Rose says:

      No Matt is the best, and is very talented at acting. Your just a Little Tennant fan girl who needs to learn to move on, just like every other fan girl. You’re just jealous because you can’t do a good as a job as Matt!!

  • Chris says:

    You’re all forgetting that Tom Baker IS the best Doctor ever. Matt is the best rebooted Doctor, and perhaps given time he will eclipse the great Tom.

  • I really hope David Tennant returns to Doctor Who! He’s the best Doctor thats ever been. Dont get me wrong all the other Doctor’s did a good job and Matt Smith is amazing at the moment! But David Tennant is and probly will always be the best Doctor!!!!!! XD :-D

    • peter says:

      before 10 tom was the doctor bu 10 has just copleatly userpt him tom baker is now just a doctor tenant is now the doctor and look how many people have aimd for tha title salvetar mkoy peterdavidson ecilston colin and smith magans is just out of it look at jhon pertwee ass well he was considored the doctor and he looks awfull next to tenant

      • Alison says:

        My fav Drs were John Pertwee, Tom Baker, Chris Ecclestone & the best of all in my mind was David Tenant. Yes I am old enough to remember all of them :-)

        I think it is possible for them to bring David back, there are ways around it. Matt Smith leaves me cold as the Dr & I don’t watch it anymore. I tried to watch him as the Dr but yeah. For the person who accuses people of being a little girl liking David Tenant, I am far from a little girl, not if I am old enough to remember as far back as John Pertwee & I think maybe earlier, However I am also able to say that in my opinion Tenant is the best as should others without being ridiculed by you.

        Also please please please Great is spelt Great not Grate! Grate when spelt that way is like to grate cheese, or a grate in the road, or a fire grate. Totally different. There endeth the English lesson for the day as well. (Peter that comment was not aimed at you.)

  • the best is david i am surre ,better than matt.

  • I´m from Argentina, and I got to watch Doctor Who right before Tennant started the show. So, yeah, I kinda loved the way he played the doctor, and was very sad when he left. (I still am!)
    The new one isn´t bad at all, but it´s not as funny as Tennant.
    And no, I don´t like the new Tardis either. But that´s another matter.

    I´m still watching Doctor Who, because I discovered that I love the series´ concept, but I really, really, really would love to see Tennant again. (No, It has nothing to do with him being so cute….)

    And about how to manage him being human… well… if the Doctor can be converted into human… maybe a human can be converted back into the Doctor!
    And I would love to see him with Donna again, those ones where wounderful! Bringing Donna back will be a tricky thing though.

    Anyway, yeah, I need to move on, maybe Tennant isn´t going back. Sigh.
    After reading all your comments I just have to speak this out!

    Thanks :)



    I’m from turkey and I’am fan of doctor who too.I really want to see david tennant as the doctor.If we really want it too much we can do.I wont say “david tennant pleaseeeeee come back!!!”.Because he cant do anything because he is just an actor.But we can.Just send mails to BBC complaints.Here is the link:


    Yes we are thousands of angry fans this is our really important complaint.Just dont do still sitting and do nothing.Yes i had been already sent mail.But i am just a normal person.If we combining our forces like sending tooooo much mails as a being thousands of angry fans yes we can do i know we can.Just send mails If you dont believe me i have to ask a questions why dont you try ???Just try it because you will not lose anything.If you do this, we will get our prize.(david tennat could back this is in your hands, in your fingers yes it is.)Just send mails PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Alison says:

    I think this forum is great really I do. It is great to see so many David fans as well as Dr Who fans. However I also think we have to be realistic here. The scenarios that have been coming up as to how we could bring him back are great, the chat is great etc. However bombarding the BBC with letters demanding that they bring David back? Not a great idea sorry.

    You see David has to WANT to come back to play the Dr first & foremost. Yes us loyal fans of either David, or Dr Who (who think he portrayed the Dr the best in the most recent years) might want him back. However he did choose to leave the show. There is conjecture that he was “pushed” by the BBC producers, which is why some of his last words were that he didn’t want to go. However unless David openly went to the BBC saying he wanted to be back in Dr Who & was then rejected, writing to them demanding that he be brought back will do nothing apart from annoy some poor secretaries.

    When you petition a TV company you do it for a reason. Say like your favourite show has been cancelled without a real ending & although it might not be doing so well in the country it was made in, it had solid figures around the world (thinking the new version of V here). Then there is a good reason for a campaign (which is currently going on with that show) either to get another network to pick it up, or for them to do a TV movie to wrap it up. However it is absolutely pointless to do what was suggested above unless the BBC is requested by David to allow him to portray the Dr again & they refuse.

    We don’t know if he wants that so yeah it’s pointless. Maybe someone should email his fan site (I think there is a contact forum there or something) & see if they can get a response as to if he even would want to go back before trying anything else :-)

    Just my thoughts, sorry they rambled I am very tired.

    • Elise F says:

      After reading through all of the protests and debates, I find it difficult to add very much, only for my own sake, I will add my opinion.

      When I first saw Doctor Who, I saw Tennant, so I may be a bit biased. I have watched a bit of Eccleston and Smith, but my overall fav is Tennant. The others are good, and considering I haven’t watched the old Who, I am not the best to speak, I’d just like to say, David Tennant has charm, wit, compassion, pride, humor and geeky all In one. It has made Doctor Who richer and more relative to it’s audience. His respect for humans dosen’t make him human, he is way MORE than a human and we can truly see his power and level against his enemies. Part of why his role was so successful was that Russel T Davies wrote for both the Doctor and for Tennant personally. He had the ability to weave brilliant plot lines together with complexion and science. He made the impossible seem so possible that each character had so much detail, including all the spin offs, like Torchwood. If I could bring Tennant back, I would for a single season. I wouldn’t want him to out-welcome his stay like he said. One extra season would summarize his career as the Doctor once and for all, I loved all his companions too!
      I will still always watch all the doctor who I can get, regardless to who the actor is, as long as there is the Doctor, Tardis, humor and science, I am satisfied, but 10ant was “my doctor.” as 10ant said to the 5th.
      This is my opinion, I am still a minor, please don’t call me names, saying I am not a Who fan, because I am, I really love Doctor Who.

  • jorge says:

    david must return the new episodes are not so special with matt he is good but david is best

  • Daviey says:

    Why is no one mentioning Eccleston? of the recent Doctors, he is certainly the best – he had really thought the character out, considered what The Doctor had been through, and made it his own. Tennant, although excellent, was marred by sub-standard writing and sub-standard supporting casts – not all the time, but all too often. And Matt Smith doesn’t seem like he ever bothered to watch any Doctor Who, just Tennant – “i know, i’ll just do exactly what he did, but more…” – he’s too over-excitable and silly, without having any of the authority. And don’t get me started on the companions – they should have re-named it The Amy Pond Show, as she seems to get all the focus in the first couple of series.
    And the way a lot of people have spoken on this, I’m suspecting a lot of you aren’t fans of classic Doctor? Because if you were, you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Troughton, the two Bakers (Colin was sorely underrated) and Hartnell. I know the production values were lower then, but that might have had a little to do with budget… But the characterisation of the Doctor is unsurpassed, and the imagination and ingenuity of the writing and plotting was phenominal. So, don’t give up on the future, but explore the shows massive past before dismissing it…

  • guppimily says:

    If they brought David Tennant back as the current Doctor, it would ruin the entire series simply because that just doesn’t happen. Of course it would be good for the Meta-Crisis or a past version of the 10th Doctor to appear, but I hardly think the writers would essentially change an important aspect of the timelords just because of one actor’s fan base. Don’t get me wrong, David Tennant is by far the best doctor, but Matt Smith is also brilliant. I’m assuming that most of the people who are complaining are those who haven’t really watched Doctor Who before David Tennant’s series’ and don’t really get it, and the idea of sending letters of complaints is just beyond me

  • Tom Baker Fan says:

    When Matt Smith finally leaves, there will be people all over the net whining about how he was the best doctor, and about how much they hate whoever replaces him. It happens with every regeneration. A real Doctor Who fan understands and accepts the change in lead actor on Doctor Who.

  • Allyson says:

    Tennant was by far the best Doctor. He was everything the Doctor is SUPPOSED to be. Brilliant, clever, charming, funny, and he even added to it. The emotion he brought to the character made the show so much more dazzling to me. His “understood romance” with Rose and his UNBEATABLE friendship with Donna always gave me such butterflies! Now, I love Matt to death, but I don’t see why everyone thinks he’s the best of all eleven. Personally, he’s my third favorite. But I guess I’m just a Tennant girl. <3

  • Allyson says:

    However, I don’t think he should come back to the show. I do think he should make an appearance, since he is so beloved, but I think he made the right choice at the right time to leave the show as the star. See, everyone misses him so much now and I think he went out beautifully. I love him as much as anyone, but I respect his decision, heartbreaking as it may be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Matt smith is not a good doctor loads of people want David Tennant to come back so regenerate him! I know it would be wire but so what?! Tennant was in fact voted best doctor ever other than Tom Baker, look it up. I got really mad at BBC for replacing Tennant, Dr. Who isn’t the same. The doctor is supposed to be a funny and serious character smith can’t do that. I don’t mean to offend anyone but really, Tennant is the best. Period.

  • There is something so deep and human about David Tennant. He’s utterly believable in the role! It’s obvious he’s been on stage and is a “real” actor. He has a special charisma that no one else will ever duplicate. That said, Matt has a boyish charm and I’m more than willing to give him a chance too. We get the episodes so late here in the states, either by N3tflx or on double-BC America (don’t want to trip the sp@m filters) that I’ve only seen season five.

    All I know for sure is it’s a great show and I would be THRILLED to see Tennant return!

    Final thought, UK has it all over the US as far as quality TV entertainment goes. So glad to have access to it now! News is less biased too. I’m embarrassed by what we have to offer in comparison, except for Current.

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